Top 15 NFTs & Metaverse Brand Collaborations

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Top 15 NFTs and Metaverse Brand

Whether we are talking about MacDonald, Twitter, Microsoft, or Facebook, all these adopt NFTS and metaverse. Metaverse attracts IT, social media, and all other brands like Coca-Cola, Samsung, and Nike  But why do these brands join these systems?  Let's go through the reasons behind their adaptation and how much they benefit from this NFTS and blockchain technology.


McDonald's is the icon of fast food and food restaurants. From 1976 to now, McDonald's has kept working and maintaining its name among top food brands. In 2014, it started working on its online presence and creating voice and image ordering systems for its brands. 

On Feb 4, 2022, Mcdonlaods decided to enter the NFTS and metaverse. They filed ten trademark applications with the USPTO. Trademark lawyer Josh Gerben shared the McDonald's entries to the Metaverse system on Twitter, saying that you can now enjoy McDonald's foods through this virtual world.

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Microsoft entered the metaverse in January 2022 in collaboration with Activision Blizzard for $70 billion. Microsoft's vision is to explore the world and remove barriers in the virtual world. You can occupy space on the internet and meet in the metaverse. 


Coca-Cola entered the world of NFTS in July 2021. On World Friendship Days, they release four NFTS in collaboration with OpenSea. In December, they introduced the “Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket Wearable” and put their foot in the NFTS marketplace. They earn almost $575,000 as a bid for their NFTS assets.


In November 2021, Adidas collaborated with the famous metaverse brand “The Sandbox.” In this digital virtual universe, you can get clothing accessories such as hoodies and tracksuits. Adidas work with the Ethereum blockchain. Till now, Adidas earned $23 million in profits from selling NTFS in the first NFT drop.  

Meta (ex-Facebook)

Facebook is one of the dominating social media platforms, with 2.38 billion monthly users.  Zuckerberg, the Facebook owner, collaborated with the metaverse in October 2021. He changed their name from Facebook to Meta, showing his affiliation with the metaverse.

As the Metaverse's main hub, Facebook offered Horizon Home. With a Quest headset—now known as Meta instead of Oculus—you can see the first iteration of the Horizon Home.

Meta has many benefits when introducing the concept, such as

  1. 3D gaming.

  2. Events:  In 3D space, you can create and attend different events. Meta helps you to spend healthy time with your dear ones.

  3. Music Concert: If you love music concerts, you can enjoy these concerts with your family and friends in this virtual world.


If you are a sports lover, you must be familiar with the Nike brand. This brand is influenced by NFTS and metaverse and works in collaboration with metaverse. It uses Roblox to create a virtual sports playground for users on Nikeland.  

Nikeland Sports Universe contains everything you want to see in your lifestyle. It consists of courts, courses, parks, obstacles, and running parks. You can purchase different products like jerseys and Nike items in Nikeland.


Samsung entered the metaverse with the Samsung 837X on January 6, 2022. Through this virtual product, Samsung collaborates with Decenterland.  You can join this fantasy land, play different challenges, and play with friends.   Samsung Discord now has 142,841 members. You can create your characters in games and also play with the existing players in them.


Gucci holds exhibitions and creates a virtual garden to celebrate its golden jubilee. Gucci works in the Sandbox with the virtual space “Gucci Vault Lands.” In May 2021, it introduced the “Gucci Garden experience.” This appearance on Roblox has become popular among people, and 20 million people visit this garden.

National Basketball Association (NBA):

NBA makes NFT collaboration through a league called “NBA top Shot.” If you are a basket player or love to play it digitally, you can do it through this league.  Here is a list of fun you can enjoy by entering the NBA Lane Metaverse.

  1. Selfie with Trophy: Hold the virtual reality replica of the freshly unveiled Larry O'Brien trophy. Create a virtual reality selfie and show it to your pals in person.

  2. Free Throw Shootout: Join a friendly competition in this minigame. 

  3. Enjoy the Big Screen: Unwind while watching amazing NBA entertainment on a huge screen at the top of the arena. Clips will feature NBA content such as player interviews, game highlights, etc.

The Walking Dead game:

The Walking Dead has eleven seasons and is the most popular game in the era. If you want to create your fantasy, join the walking dead through Sandbox. According to your imagination, you will enjoy all the game's features in this metaverse. In the Walking Dead NFT community, you can join their discord and enjoy games and discussions with 8315 members of the discord. 


Burberry is the fashion brand that shows its interest in the Metaverse. Recently they explored Minicraft, which shows their interest in the metaverse. 

Burberry's interest in the games and metaverse gives new looks to the fashion industry. It also attends the meaning of Metaverse Fashion Week.


If you love luxury houses and don't create them, make them in fantasy worlds. 

Balenciaga, the French luxury house brand, collaborated with the gaming giant Fortnite. The collaboration includes dressing up a few Fortnite creatures in classic Balenciaga garb. These "suit sets" come with boots, cat-eye sunglasses, and a hoodie from the Balenciaga x Fortnite collaboration.


Roblox teams up with streetwear pioneer Vans for its metaverse initiative. In September 2021, Vans World will offer a virtual skating experience. With Vans' authentic shoe collections, you can improve your fitness, learn unique skills, and make new friends.


The first Estée Lauder Companies, introduced NFTs in October under MetaOptimist.

Instead of using the bidding system, typical in NFTs, the international cosmetics company held a contest to award three NFTs to participants in its Smart Rewards program who posted messages of optimism and hope for the future on social media with the hashtags #MetaOptimist #Clinique #Contest.

Additionally, winners were given cost-free gifts.


Atari, a pioneer in arcade games, declared a comeback, demonstrating interest in the expanding metaverse community. It released an NFT collection, including relics from its vintage games.

Atari is refining its plans to run a cryptocurrency casino and publish NFT collections. The casino will provide traditional games like poker and roulette and well-known Atari titles like Pong. By 2022, it is also proposed to start planning a real-world hotel and casino similar to the Atari Casino in Las Vegas.

Final Words:

Although Metaverse and NFT are new systems that need time to be explored, all the popular brands from different fields have adopted this system or plan to adopt it. Their huge investment in this field shows the future of NFT, blockchain, and cryptocurrency.


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